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The Best Time To Visit Dallas

Dallas Climate

To say that Dallas is hot would be an understatement; the temperature can go over 100 degrees during Summer. Although there are some Winter days filled with snow, a trip to the Big D would still require plenty of water, sunglasses, a sun hat and your trusty sunblock. Know what else to bring with A Guide To Packing For Your US Self-Drive Holiday.

The climate in cities around the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area, like Arlington and Cedar Hill (Palmer), are similar to Dallas. This means humid summers, pleasant spring days and mild winters.

The Best Time To Visit Dallas - MyDriveHoliday

Downtown Dallas, Texas Skyline

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Maximum and Minimum Average Temperature In Dallas (Fahrenheit)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 57 61 69 77 84 92 96 96 89 79 67 58
Min 37 41 49 56 65 73 77 77 69 58 48 39
Rain 2 2.7 3.5 3 4.9 4.1 2.2 1.8 2.8 4.8 2.8 2.7

RAIN – Rainfall in inches

Maximum and Minimum Average Temperature In Dallas (Celsius)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 14 16 21 25 29 33 36 36 32 26 19 14
MIN 3 5 9 13 18 23 25 25 21 14 9 4
Rain 52 68 88 78 125 104 56 47 72 121 73 69

RAIN – Rainfall in mm

School Holidays In Dallas, Texas

Summer holidays are usually in the first week of July to the third week of August, and there are also two week breaks in mid-October, late December and early April. 

In Texas, Confederate Memorial Day is celebrated on January 19 and César Chávez Day is celebrated on March 31. The Day After Thanksgiving is also observed on the fourth Friday of November. You can read more on Public Holidays In The US.

So When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Spring (March to May) has pleasant days and mild evenings while Autumn (September to November) provides relief from the sweltering summer heat. These seasons also bring in throves of tourists, so travelers are advised to make early reservations on motorhome rentals and RV Park stays. MyDriveHoliday has great vehicles in Dallas RV Hire as well as awesome Campgrounds in and around the city.

Planning a trip to other lovely cities around the Lone Star State? Read more in Climates and Seasons Of Texas.

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