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Tips For Driving In Australia

Tips For Driving In Australia - MyDriveHoliday

Australia Road Sign
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Driver's license

All drivers must hold a valid Driver's License in English. If carrying an International Permit, an original copy of the driver's license must still be carried.

Keep on the left side of the road

In Australia, driving must be on the left hand side of the road.

Always keep your seat belt on

This is a general rule, no matter what country you're in. In Australia, it is a law that drivers and passengers, including infants and children, to have a seat belt on while the vehicle is in motion.

Mind the distance

Considering the size of the country, one can expect long hours of driving. Keep in mind that most cities and tourist spots are far from each other, so it's best to map out your stops in between. Also, try to rest every two hours or so to avoid fatigue.

Be aware of toll roads

Keep an eye out for toll road signs and get an electronic pass or an E-tag to avoid fines. Learn more about toll roads in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Know the speed limit

In urban areas, the limit is 50 kph while in highways, the limit is 100 kph. It could be higher or lower, so watch out for signs. Also, remember that the speed limit is in kilometres and not in miles!

Get a baby/booster seat for the children

It's not just for safety, but also for comfort. Get more tips on child seats by visiting Child Seats 101.

Gas (and water) up

Always make sure your petrol tank is filled and bring plenty of water. Also, make sure you have a spare tyre and tools

Don't drive at night

There are two reasons why this is a bad idea: Fatigue and wandering animals. These two combined can result in a really bad accident so it would be best to do the driving during daylight.

Don't drink and drive

Still the best tip in the list. The legal limit is 0.05. Penalties for drink driving vary per state and how much you are over the limit. The least would be losing points on your license , and receiving a fine to losing your license and going to jail.

Mind the size of the vehicle

Although campervans and motorhomes are generally easy to maneuver, remember that they are still taller and longer than a regular car. Take extra care when turning corners and reversing, and keep an eye out for height indicator signs.

Don't leave your mobile phone at home

You can always use it to contact assistance in case of accidents or breakdowns. Just don't use them while you're driving!

In case of accidents or breakdowns, stay in the vehicle

If you are in a remote area, the vehicle will not only serve as your shelter, but it will also be easier to find. Be glad you conserved your water and now would be the best time to use that mobile phone.

Keep these tips in mind and your holiday will be truly hassle-free. Get started on the ultimate motorhome adventure with Australia Campervan Hire.

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