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Driving in Melbourne

Driving in Melbourne - MyDriveHoliday

"Melbourne Toll Roads"

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Learn about the rules of the road and safety before setting of for a self-drive holiday in the "Cultural Capital of Australia".

  • Always bring your driver's license
  • Drive on the left side of the road
  • Put on your seatbelt
  • Make sure the children have a baby or booster seat
  • Don't drink and drive

Don't drive at night

Don't drive at night
If you are driving a campervan, night driving is not recommended. It is advised that you stay on campgrounds or campsites and continue your driving on daylight. Here is a list of Caravan Parks in Melbourne.

Know the speed limit

The standard speed limit in Melbourne is 50 kph, unless posted otherwise. This applies to urban areas, with major road speed limit going up to 60-70 kph and up to 100 kph in rural areas. Always keep an eye out for signs and remember that speed limits are in kilometres, not miles!

Be aware of toll roads

Be aware of toll roads
There are only a few toll roads in Melbourne, so it would be best to get an electronic pass or an E-Tag to avoid fines. An electronic pass is highly recommended for tourists, or you can also get an E-Tag if you are planning a longer trip. Apply for an electronic pass online .

Toll Roads in Melbourne

  • CityLink
  • Eastlink

Rest between long rides

Fatigue can set in fairly quick when you're driving long distances in a large vehicle. Try to rest at least 15 minutes every 2 hours.

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