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MyDriveHoliday has 8 operators who have depots in Darwin. All offices are 10-13kms away from the airport, and are accessible by taxi, train or bus.

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Darwin Motorhome Rental Brands

The Maui depot is along Bombing Road in Winnelie. About 10 km from the Airport and 7.6 km from the ...

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The Let's Go Motorhomes depot in Adelaide is in Coonawarra Road, which is about 11km from the ...

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The Australian 4WD Hire depot in Darwin is along Goyder Road. The depot is about 8.9km from the ...

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The Mighty Campers depot in Darwin is along Bombing Road in Winnelie about 10km from the Airport ...

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The Britz depot in Darwin is also along Bombing Road in Winnelie, same as the Maui and Mighty ...

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The Travellers Autobarn depot in Darwin is along Bishop St., which is about 8km from the Airport ...

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Best Highlights of Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory Australia)

Kakadu National Park offers 20,000 square kilometres of remote Australian landscapes, from beautiful savannah woodlands and waterfalls to impressive coastal regions and wetlands.

Jim Jim Falls

The falls is one of the most spectacular and sought-after sights in the Kakadu and is only reachable in the dry season by foot, boat or via 4WD. 200 metre cliffs create a breathtaking waterfall here, which flows into a deep pool below. The falls tend to be the most impressive during the wet season, however during this time, they are only viewable from the air.

Twin Falls

Close to Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls is also a well worth a visit in the dry season. You’ll also need a 4WD to get close to the area, after which you will need to take a boat charter and then trek along the designated walking track down to the falls themselves.

Rock Art Galleries

The rock art in Kakadu is some of the best in the world and it’s one of the reasons why the park is World Heritage listed. Rock art viewing is a wonderful way to get close to the Indigenous culture and history of Kakadu, with paintings depicting scenes of magic, hunting, recreation and mythology. There are three main rock art galleries in the park, located at Ubirr, Nanguluwur and Nourlangie and tours are recommended.

Yellow Water Wetlands

If wildlife viewing is at the top of your Kakadu bucket list, the Yellow Water Wetlands in the heart of the park are ideal. Boat cruises in the dry season are the way to go here and you’ll have the opportunity to hopefully view many bird species, like pelicans, geese and ducks, as well as crocodiles and buffalo.

Koolpin or Jarrangbarni Gorge

Koolpin Gorge is one of the most remote and beautiful in Kakadu and is very much off the beaten track. You’ll need to access the gorge with a high clearance 4WD, but the journey will be worth it. Camping, swimming and bush exploring are popular here. Due to its cultural significance and remoteness, however, the Koolpin area does have restrictions, so if you want to visit and/or camp, you’ll need to organise a permit in advance.

Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory Australia)

Campervanning in Kakadu

If you’re keen to spend a few days driving and touring around Kakadu or the Northern Territory or beyond, MyDriveHoliday offers campervan hire in Darwin and Alice Springs, as well as at a range of other locations in Australia.

There are several camping areas available in the park that are suitable for campervans and caravans, including the Yellow Water region, the South Alligator region and the Mary River region. You will usually need to book in advance to secure your spot.

Trust MyDriveHoliday to provide affordable campervan hire in Darwin, Alice Springs, Perth, Broome and more.

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