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Driving Tips For USA

Driving Tips For USA - MyDriveHoliday

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Don't drive if you've just arrived from overseas

In the US, motorhome rental companies generally don't allow clients coming in from an international flight to drive on the same day as arrival. This rule is imposed to keep jet-lagged and possibly first-time RV drivers off the road. Stay in a hotel on your first night and start your trip on the following day.

Drive on the right side of the road

In the US, all vehicles must stay on the right of the road.

Always keep your seat belt on

All passengers, especially infants and children, must have a seat belt on while the vehicle is in motion.

Get a baby/booster seat for the children

Children under 8 years old would need a baby or booster seat.

Don't drink and drive

We've all heard this one before, but we need to remind you once again. Large vehicles and alcohol just don't mix.

Know the speed limit

Although every state has its own limit when you're driving down the freeway or residential areas, the speed limit usually stands at 70mph in freeways and 30mph in residential areas. Check the speed limits in all states.

Mind the size of the vehicle

Although most RVs have automatic transmission, power brakes and cruise control that makes them as easy to handle as a small sedan, these vehicles are still twice the size of a regular car. Take extra care when turning into corners and reversing.


Always stop at a Stop sign, even when there are no other incoming cars. At a Stop sign intersection, remember that the vehicle which arrives at the cross section first has the right of way, followed by the next vehicle and so on. Also, stop for stationary school buses with flashing red lights.

Don't forget your driver's license

This is more than just for identification; carrying your license is a legal requirement.

Bring your mobile phone

We're not saying you can use your mobile phone while driving (it's illegal and dangerous) but having one makes it easier to contact authorities or road-side assistance in case of accidents or breakdowns.

Plan your itinerary

Take a map and create a route that includes pit stops, RV parks and tourist attractions. If everything is already mapped out, you can avoid wasting precious hours on driving and actually enjoy the trip.

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