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Child-Friendly 8 Berths In The USA

Large families who are planning to go on a self-drive holiday may encounter a dilemma; There are not many 8 Berth RVs around. Luckily, MyDriveHoliday works with the top US brands who happen to have several motorhomes for 8 passengers. All of our vehicles are highly recommended for their great features, although we have made a list of RV you may want to consider for your adventure.

Child-Friendly 8 Berths In The USA - MyDriveHoliday
EMW FS31 Slide-out (Applicable to US and International Clients)
Child Seat: Yes (Not available for hire, renter must bring their own)

The EMW FS31 Slide-out is suitable for 5 adults and 3 children, since the bunk beds and two other single beds would be more appropriate for smaller people. It can also be fitted with up to two child seats or two booster seats in the forward facing seats in the dinette area.

Best Feature(s):
The dinette where the child seat can be fitted is behind the driver's cabin, and the couch where other passengers are seated is just across the dinette. This means you or another adult can sit just across the dinette so you can attend to your child better. There is also a TV mounted in the living area that can be viewed by those sitting in both the dinette and couch. DVD Player is not included, however you can easily purchase or rent one to hook up to the TV. 

Note: The EMI FS31 has the same configurations as the EMW FS31 Slide-out and is basically the same vehicle type, except it is only available to International clients. The EMI FS31 is only available in limited areas: Dallas, Ferndale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and San Francisco.

CMH 2008 34' Bunkhouse (Applicable to US and International Clients)
Available In: Los Angeles
Child-Friendly 8 Berths In The USA - MyDriveHoliday

Child Seat: Yes ($50)

If you like the idea of letting your children stay in bunk beds close to your bedroom but want more space, The 34' Bunkhouse is a great option. Just note that it can only be fitted with one child seat in the rear dinette area in the main cabin. 

Best Feature(s):
The Bunkhouse is only 34 feet long, so it is easy to maneuver and park while still having the luxury of a Class A vehicle. It also has automatic levelers so there is no need to take out wooden blocks and do this manually. 

Looking for other options for your self-drive holiday? Check out the CMH 2007 31' Jamboree #1 and the CMH 2007 35' Georgetown. You can view more vehicles in  8 Berth RVs in the USA.

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