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The Inland Chicago to Los Angeles Tour (Part I)

Estimated Travel Period: 12 Days, about 35 hours
Estimated Travel Distance: 2,141 miles

Best Time To Travel

You can do this tour anytime between Summer to mid-Autumn (June to October), when the evenings are not too cold. If you want to travel in Winter (December to February) or Spring (March to May), make sure you are prepared for the chilly days ahead. Know what to bring for your self-drive holiday with the US Camping Checklist.

Travel from the Midwest to the sunny Western region of the US while you can learn about local history, view quirky sights and enjoy the majestic scenery along the way.
Planning a self-drive holiday is made all too easy with MyDriveHoliday. We have already listed down great RV Parks you can stay in for this itinerary. We can also help you find the best motorhome for your trip with Chicago RV Rental. Want to start from LA? Simply follow the tour in reverse. You can look for great RVs In Los Angeles.

Day 1 Chicago to Springfield

Estimated Travel Period: about 3 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:202 miles

Visit the home and final resting place of Springfield's most famous resident at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site and the Lincoln Tomb. The sites are only a short distance away from each other. Head to any local restaurant and have a horseshoe sandwich, an open-faced hamburger sandwich that originated in Springfield.

Day 2 Springfield to Kansas City

Estimated Travel Period: about 5 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:310 miles

Pay your respects to the soldiers who fell in World War I at the Liberty Memorial, and see artifacts from the War at the National World War I Museum.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 3 Kansas City

Estimated Travel Period: 14 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:8.4 miles

Camp out at Worlds Of Fun and feel like a kid again in one (or all) of the fun rides.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 4 Kansas City to Salina

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours 50 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:175 miles

Keep an eye out for the copper gargoyles on the Salina Masonic Center. Take a few moments for quiet time at the Christ Cathedral.

Day 5 Salina to Denver

Estimated Travel Period: about 6 hours 45 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:433 miles

It's hard to miss the large blue bear standing outside the Colorado Convention Center. 

Day 6 Denver

Estimated Travel Period: 9 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:2.8 miles

Never seen a horseshoe crab before? It's time to meet and even touch one at the Downtown Aquarium.

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