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The Historic New York to Orlando Tour (Part I)

Estimated Travel Period: 12 Days, about 21 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 1,178 miles

Best Time To Travel

This is an ideal tour for late Spring to early Autumn (May to September). It can get a little rainy during these months, so make sure you have a rain jacket and warm clothes for the evenings. Be prepared for your adventure with our US Camping Checklist.

Learn about the rich stories behind some of the nation's beautiful historic sites from New York to Florida. 
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Day 1 New York to Washington DC

Estimated Travel Period: about 4 hours 20 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:229 miles

Your first stop is the US Capital, with its numerous historic landmarks and museums.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 2 Washington DC

Estimated Travel Period: 3 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:0.7 miles

Walk around the cherry trees near the Washington Monument and visit the Lincoln Memorial, a historical site where many famous speeches were once delivered.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 3 Washington DC to Richmond

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:108 miles

See the many monuments at the aptly named Monument Avenue. Learn about the life and works of the famous writer at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 4 Richmond to Raleigh

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours 50 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:155 miles

See the amazing works of talented new artists at the Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 5 Raleigh

Estimated Travel Period: 29 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:18.3 miles

Hit the trail in your mountain bike at the Falls Lake State Recreation Area. Enjoy a juicy steak at The Angus Barn.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 6 Raleigh to Myrtle Beach

Estimated Travel Period: about 3 hours 20 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:179 miles

Bask in the sun at the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk or get on the fun rides at Myrtle Waves.

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