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The Historic Los Angeles to Phoenix Tour

Estimated Travel Period: 7 Days, about 8 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 481 miles

Best Time To Travel

The weather is at its best in late Summer (mid-July to August), Autumn (September to November) and late Spring (mid-April to May). Just remember that the heat can be overwhelming during these seasons so bring plenty of water, sunglasses and sunblock. We'll help you prepare with A Guide To Packing For Your US Self-Drive Holiday.

Learn about the history of California and Arizona in a tour that visits the sunny towns and cities in and around these West Coast states.
Planning the ultimate self-drive adventure is made easy with MyDriveHoliday. You can find all the key attractions to see and activities to do in the itinerary. We have also prepared a list of the best campgrounds to stay in at every stop. Los Angeles RV Hire has great motorhomes from only the top American brands.
If you're starting from Arizona and wish to end your tour in California, you can still use the itinerary simply by following it in reverse. You can also get great deals and awesome vehicles from Phoenix RV Hire.

Day 1 Los Angeles to Palm Springs

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 40 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:107 miles

It's hard to miss the giant Marilyn Monroe statue in downtown Palm Springs. You can learn about the culture and history of the Cahuilla Indians at the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 2 Palm Springs to Twentynine Palms

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour
Estimated Travel Distance:50 miles

The nearby Joshua Tree National Park is a must visit. Grab a mountain bike and explore the park's dirt road trails.

Day 3 Twentynine Palms

Estimated Travel Period: 5 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:3.6 miles

Explore more of Joshua Tree National Park. Take the Keys Ranch Guided Walking Tour into the canyon or just sit back and watch the stars from one of the campgrounds.

Day 4 Twentynine Palms to Indio

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 55 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:74 miles

Did you know that there are several types of dates? You can get a taste of Medjool, Khadrawi and Abbada dates at the Shields Date Garden, where you can also find a wonderful cafe that serves delicious healthy food.

Day 5 Indio

Estimated Travel Period: 8 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:4.4 miles

Learn about the history of the region in the Coachella Valley History Museum.

Day 6 Indio to Quartzsite

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 55 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:121 miles

Visit the grave site and monument of Hadji "Hi Jolly" Ali, one of the first camel drivers hired by the US Army. Take a tour of the Quartzsite Museum for a look into the city's mining history.

Day 7 Quartzsite to Phoenix

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:129 miles

Head for the Civic Space Park and marvel at the public art sculpture known as Her Secret Is Patience. Experience classic American dining at Kincaid's.

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