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The Food and Culture San Francisco to Dallas Tour (Part I)

Estimated Travel Period: 12 Days, about 30 hours
Estimated Travel Distance: 1,851 miles

Best Time To Travel

Look forward to great camping weather in Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). You can also try the tour in Summer (June to August), although temperatures can be quite high so pack hats, sunglasses and your trusty sunblock. Make sure you have your travel essentials with the US Camping Checklist.

Taste local delicacies, see natural attractions and experience Western culture as you journey from Northern California, pass through Arizona, stop by New Mexico and finally end in Texas.
Planning a self-drive adventure doesn't have to be stressful. We have already listed down great things to see and do as well as awesome RV parks to stay in as you take the tour. We can also help you find the perfect motorhome for your roadtrip with San Francisco RV Rental
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Day 1 San Francisco to Coalinga

Estimated Travel Period: about 3 hours 20 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:194 miles

It's gonna be a long drive to the City Of Angels. Stop by Coalinga before continuing to Los Angeles and taste the award-winning Pot Roast or mouth-watering Barbeque Beef Ribs at the Harris Ranch Restaurant.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 2 Coalinga to Los Angeles

Estimated Travel Period: about 3 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:200 miles

Visit the exotic big cats of Shambala Preserve, most of which are endangered and rare. Take the Vasquez Rocks Trail up to nearby Parker Mountain.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 3 Los Angeles

Estimated Travel Period: 8 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:3.3 miles

Looking for a different kind of adventure? Head for Sunset Boulevard and go celebrity watching. Explore the City of Angel's famous Hollywood district. Don't miss the iconic  Randy's Donuts featured in many Hollywood films.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 4 Los Angeles to Flagstaff

Estimated Travel Period: about 7 hours 25 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:467 miles

Discover how the Sinagua once lived under the cliffs of Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Day 5 Flagstaff

Estimated Travel Period: 33 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:20.4 miles

See the volcanic cinder cone in Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument or just take a bike to explore the several trails throughout the city.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 6 Flagstaff to Albuquerque

Estimated Travel Period: about 5 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:323 miles

Tackle your ophidiophobia at the American International Rattlesnake Museum.

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