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The East Coast Miami to Orlando Tour

Estimated Travel Period: 6 Days, about 6 hours 15 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 334 miles

Best Time To Travel

The temperature is pleasant between mid-Autumn to mid-Spring (October to April), excellent for outdoor activities. Summer (May to September) can get hot and humid, but if you can brave the heat, make sure you have a hat and sunblock. Pack wisely with our US Camping Checklist.

Enjoy the sun and seas of Florida with this relaxed itinerary from Miami to Orlando. The tour can easily be finished in only a week, although you can also spend a day or more in each city to extend it to 2 weeks.

Get started on your self-drive holiday with Miami RV Hire. The itinerary also be reversed if you wish to start your trip from Orlando.

Day 1 Miami to Fort Lauderdale

Estimated Travel Period: about 35 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:28 miles

Take time to visit the Stranahan House, one of the US Historic Places. Go on a nature trail through the Tree Tops Park Butterfly Garden.

Day 2 Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach Gardens

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 10 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:56 miles

Feel like a kid again at the Playmobil FunPark.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 3 Palm Beach Gardens to Hobe Sound

Estimated Travel Period: 34 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:17.7 miles

Go hiking or biking along the trails of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, where you can also go kayaking or boating.

Day 4 Hobe Sound to Palm Bay

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 50 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:99 miles

Know more about US history at the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum. Find treasures in the McLarty Treasure Museum in the Sebastian Inlet State Park.

Travel Tip

You will encounter toll roads in this
itinerary, so keep an eye out for signs to avoid unpaid tolls. There
are options to get your pass for your RV online. You can either
create a prepaid account online with Toll-By-Plate
or purchase a SunPass.

Day 5 Palm Bay to Daytona Beach

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 42 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 95 miles

Marvel at the Tarragona Tower, another US Historic Place in Florida. See the Cuban art exhibit in the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Day 6 Daytona Beach to Orlando

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour
Estimated Travel Distance:56 miles

Spend a day at the Walt Disney World or
SeaWorld before ending your trip.

Recommended Campgrounds

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