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Cottesloe WA Cottesloe, Western Australia 6011

Swim, snorkel, fish, or just wait around for something amazing to happen to you at Cottesloe, a beach-side neighborhood in the city of Perth. Famous for its sandy beaches, charming cafes, and a laid-back lifestyle, Cottesloe is a wonderful place to spend the holidays with family and friends. The beach has become a routine for people who love to swim, sunbathe, or picnic, with constant attendance of a surfer, dog walker, cyclist or a runner. Expensive homes line along the coastal areas, overlooking the picturesque Cottesloe coastline, which makes for a perfect afternoon photo session. Only a 30-minute drive from the city centre, this seaside community offers what Perth is all about – sun, sea, and sand.

Contact Cottesloe for price details.

Phone: 9285-5000 (Town of Cottesloe) / 1800-812-808 (Visitor Centre)

Fax: 9285-5001

Contact Town of Cottesloe for enquiries or call Western Australia Visitor Centre (1800-812-808). You may also use Cottesloe's online enquiry form.

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