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Tips on Campervan Free Camping in Australia

Tips on Campervan Free Camping in Australia - MyDriveHoliday

Free Camping in Tasmania

Photo By: Duncan Rawlinson - Duncan.co

Free camping (or independent camping) is quickly becoming a popular way to explore Australia. Locals and tourists alike are discovering the thrill and excitement of freedom camping in the Outback. It can also help you save money, since you don't have to pay the regular fees in standard campgrounds and caravan parks.

If you're not quite ready to "rough it" with a tent and some sleeping bags, substitute your car for a campervan. MyDriveHoliday has a wide variety of motorhomes from top Australian brands, so you're sure to find a campervan that will fit your budget. 

- Remember that freedom camping means limited or no water access, and finding toilet and shower facilities will be difficult. Take everything with you in a self-contained campervan that also comes with a small kitchen. Get a list of great self-contained motorhomes by choosing the "Only Show with Toilet/Shower" option when you use the Quote Calculator.

- Be careful to park away from the road, entrances and any tracks to avoid obstructing other vehicle's ways. This way, you are safely away from incoming traffic and not disturbing other motorists.

- Water is one of the most important things to conserve when free camping. Campervans have fresh water tanks between 20L (for smaller 2 berth campers) to 150L (for larger 6 berth motorhomes). Fill the tanks up and check for a nearby water source before settling for a campsite.

- If you're lucky enough to find a lake as a water source, keep it clean by taking the water away before washing or cleaning. Do not contaminate the water source by washing or cleaning directly in or by the lake. 

Tips on Campervan Free Camping in Australia - MyDriveHoliday

Camping in a Queensland Lake

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- Make sure to dispose your waste and waste water properly. There are several public dump points around Australia, so check for the closest dump points in the area. 

- Although camping in certain locations may require a permit. Watch out for signs informing you to obtain permission before pulling over to camp. If you do miss the sign and are asked by the authorities to leave, it is best to do so in a respectful manner.

- Make sure to leave no trace of your visit before leaving the campground. It would be even better if you can leave it much cleaner than when you first found it. Follow the Leave No Trace Code of Conduct.

- Above all, respect the cultural heritage of each place you visit. Most places in Australia have historical and cultural significance, so make sure to treat them with respect. 

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