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Renting A Campervan in Australia - FAQ

Renting A Campervan in Australia - FAQ - MyDriveHoliday
What type of license do I need to rent a campervan?

Your regular driver's license will suffice, as long as it is full (not probationary) and current (not expired). If your license is not in English format, you will need to bring an official translation or obtain an international driver's license.

What is the minimum age of drivers who can rent a campervan?
All drivers must be at least 21 years old. There are some 2 Berth campervans that are available to drivers at least 18 years old, but for larger vehicles, drivers have to be 21 years or older. The maximum age is 75 years, and drivers who are 75 years must also provide a medical certificate.

Can I pick up from the airport?
Airport collections are not allowed. Our operators require that the vehicles be collected and returned at the designated depots.

What time can I collect and return the campervan?
Most depots are generally open between 9AM to 4PM, so pick up and drop off can be done anytime during these hours. Vehicle consultation (at pick up) usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour, and remember that all vehicles need to be returned at least 1 hour before the depot's closing hour.

Are one way hires possible?
One way rentals are possible, but please check if the supplier has a depot in the chosen return location. One way fees may also apply.

Are pets allowed in the vehicle?
Animals are not allowed, except guide dogs.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?
Smoking is not allowed.

Can I bring my luggage?
Due to limited storage room (which is generally under the seats of the vehicle), soft or collapsible luggage is recommended.

What is the largest vehicle available?
The largest vehicles are the 6 Berths, which can seat and accommodate up to 6 passengers. If there are more than 6 people in your party, you can hire two smaller vehicles.

Can I bring my own child seat?
Some operators do not provide baby or boosters seats, so you are welcome to bring your own seats. If you are bringing your own seat, kindly contact the campervan supplier to make sure it is compatible with the vehicle. Also, if you wish to rent child seats, please advise on the age and weight of the child so the correct seat can be prepared.

What if the vehicle I want is not available?
In case that the chosen vehicle is not available due to limited availability, we will find and book an alternative vehicle that is similar in size as well as price.

Is there a minimum rental period?
For most campervans, the minimum rental period is 5 days for a round trip hire and 7 days for a one way hire. However, the minimum period for one way rentals is extended depending on the distance between the two locations, ranging from 10 to 21 days. Also, the minimum rental period is extended during peak seasons like in Summer. You can read more in Public Holidays In Australia.

Are more than one drivers allowed?
Extra drivers are allowed, and although some operators do not charge for an additional driver, some do charge a small fee. All drivers must be present at the time of pick up to sign the Rental Contract.

Are picnic table and chairs included?
Although these items are usually additional extras, some operators do include a picnic table as well as a chair for each passenger in their packages.

What is the difference between the Standard and All Inclusive packages?
The Standard Package only includes a standard excess, which can be between $1500 to $7500. This excess is reduced to a smaller amount (or sometimes to $0) in the All Inclusive Package, which may also include extras like tyre/windscreen coverage, tables and chairs and child seats.

Can I book if I don't have a credit card?
You can pay for the included deposit or full amount using a debit card or through bank transfers. Just be advised that the operators do require a credit card for the security deposit or bond which is charged at pick up.

Do I need insurance?
All travelers are recommended to take out their own personal Travel Insurance. Although the vehicles are already insured, it is best to purchase the Full Insurance Cover to reduce the excess. You can read more about insurance coverage here.

Is roadside assistance included in the rental?
All operators include roadside assistance in their packages. A toll free number will also be provided at collection time.

Is the deposit refundable?
The included deposit, or reservation fee, is non-refundable. In case of a booking amendment wherein the new deposit is less than the original deposit paid, the difference is not refundable.

Are there cancellation charges?
If you decide to cancel your booking, the included deposit is non-refundable. Depending on the operator, certain cancellation charges will apply.

Can I extend my rental after we have picked up the vehicle?
If you wish to extend your rental, you will need to contact the depot where the vehicle is to be returned to check if this is possible. An extension would be subject to availability and might incur a one way fee (if the vehicle is to be returned in a different depot) on top of the daily rental rate.

Are taxes included in the rental?
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is already included in the packages.

Is there a credit card surcharge?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. There is no credit card surcharge applied to the deposit, except on American Express which incurs a 4.5% surcharge. Also, the operators may apply a  surcharge to any credit card transactions.

Do you have other questions about renting a campervan in Australia? Send us an email to [email protected] and we will answer you directly. Your question will also be included in our list soon.  

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