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Penny Royal World

Kings Meadows Launceston, Tasmania 7249

A step closer to Penny Royal World is like rediscovering a 19th century hidden treasure in the heart of Launceston. It's close to a 1980 Hollywood movie backdrop set in a farm far far away, but it's much more real and statusque. A recreation village to begin with, Penny Royal World has so much history injected in all of its corners, the Gunpowder Mill, the Penny Royal Wind Mill, the Corn Mill, and some model boats. Ride a gondola-like boat, spend the night at the farmhouse-turned-hotel, or take pictures of what you can marvel in the open air Museum. This entertainment park features a re-erected windmill dating back from 1820s! Relive Andrew Gatenby's life at Penny Royal World and feel the magic of ancient history come alive.

$35.00 Penny Royal Family Entry
$138.00 Apartments
$124.00 Motel Roomsstart

Prices vary per season.

*Price may change without prior notice

Phone: 03-6331-6699

Fax: 03-6334-4282

Contact Penny Royal World for enquiries.

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