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The Southern Tour of Western Australia via Perth (Part II)

Estimated Travel Period: 14 Days, about 19 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 1,585 kms

Best Time To Travel

You can't go wrong with Autumn (March to May) or Spring (September to November). Although you can do the itinerary in Winter (June to August) or Summer (December to February), be aware that temperatures can be at their highest or lowest during these seasons so pack accordingly. Get tips on What To Pack For Your Australian Self-Drive Holiday.

Explore the lower half of Western Australia with a tour that highlights the national parks, natural attractions and lovely little towns surrounding Perth.
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Day 8 Albany

Estimated Travel Period: 20 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:16.7 kms

Relax along the bay of Emu Point or visit the Gap, an impressive rock formation in Torndirrup National Park.

Day 9 Albany to Amelup

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 5 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:81 kms

Explore Stirling Range National Park before heading to Amelup.Go abseiling on the faces of Bluff Knoll or climb Toolbrunup, two of the highest peaks in Western Australia.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 10 Amelup

Estimated Travel Period: 55 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:33.1 kms

Stirling Range National Park is famous for its colourful wildflowers, bushwalking and camping experience. Dine while enjoying a breathtaking view of Toll Peak.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 11 Amelup to Ravensthorpe

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:229 kms

See the many endangered fauna of Fitzgerald River National Park, like the rare Malleefowl, the Tammar wallaby or the even rarer Dibbler. Visit the town of Hopetoun for some fishing and swimming opportunities.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 12 Ravensthrope to Hyden

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:194 kms

Surf's up at Hyden's Wave Rock, an amazing natural rock formation shaped like a breaking ocean wave. Learn about the Aboriginal legend that is associated with Mulka's Cave and keep an eye out of the large hand imprints inside.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 13 Hyden to Cunderdin

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours 50 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:220 kms

Look out for the Ettamogah Pub, which is pretty hard to miss because of the car on its roof. Get a panoramic view of the town from Cunderdin Hill Lookout. 

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 14 Cunderdin to Perth

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:156 kms

Watch a traditional gold pour in The Perth Mint, where you can also find Australia's largest natural nugget collection and rare historic coins. Spend an afternoon swimming or just relaxing by the beach in Cottesloe.

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