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The Snowy Mountains Tour via Sydney (Part I)

Estimated Travel Period: 10 Days, about 16 hours 40 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 1,295 kms

Best Time To Travel

You can't have winter fun any other time, but try to avoid traveling in June, when there is plenty of rainfall. The days are still pleasantly warm in July and August, and even in September. You'll also get to enjoy the beaches during this season, so bring your bathers together with warm clothes. Prepare for your trip with What To Pack For Your Australian Self-Drive Holiday.

Drive down the scenic Snowy Mountains and Alpine Highway for an amazing winter self-drive holiday around New South Wales.
Can it really be this simple? All the great things to see and do are already listed into the itinerary, as well as the best caravan parks to stay in for your road trip. We also have campervans from top Australian brands in Sydney Motorhome Rental.

Day 1 Sydney to Gundagai

Estimated Travel Period: about 4 hours 5 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:377 kms

Drop by the Gundagai tourist office for a look at Frank Rusconi's "Marble Masterpiece", a miniature building made of over 20,000 marble pieces.

Day 2 Gundagai to Tumut

Estimated Travel Period: about 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:34 kms

Have a hearty breakfast at Gundagai's Niagara Cafe before starting your journey down Hume Highway and entering the gateway to the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

Day 3 Tumut

Estimated Travel Period: 56 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:76.6 kms

Explore the gorges and bluffs of Yarrangobilly Caves, where you can also find a natural thermal pool to a relaxing dip.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 4 Tumut to Jindabyne

Estimated Travel Period: about 3 hours 55 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:283 kms

Camp out at Kosciuszko National Park, hire a toboggan and get an exhilirating view of the Snowy Mountains.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 5 Jindabyne

Estimated Travel Period: 29 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:36.6 kms

Go skiing at Blue Cow or bushwalking around Blue Lake.

Recommended Caravan Parks

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