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The Inland Darwin to Adelaide Tour (Part II)

Estimated Travel Period: 17 Days, 43 hours
Estimated Travel Distance: 3,528 kms

Best Time To Travel

The dry season (mid May to late
September) has warm days and cool nights, perfect for all your
outdoor activities. Just remember to bring some warm clothes as well
as sunscreen. Need help packing? Check out our Australian
Camping Checklist

See the natural beauty of Northern Territory and South Australia in a tour that will take you from top to bottom of the Land Down Under. 
Our route stays on sealed roads, and all listed Caravan Parks accept campervans of all sizes so you can take a 2WD motorhome for this trip. No vehicle yet? MyDriveHoliday works with top names in Darwin Campervan Hire
Did you want to start your trip from South Australia? You can still use the itinerary by following it in reverse. Find great motorhomes for hire in Adelaide.

Day 8 Alice Springs

Estimated Travel Period: 21 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:17 kms

Witness the aboriginal paintings in Emily
and Jessie Gaps Nature Park or visit Alice Springs Desert Park. 

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 9 Alice Springs to Yulara

Estimated Travel Period: about 6 hours
Estimated Travel Distance:446 kms

A trip to the Northern Territory is simply not complete without visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Uluru which is probably the most recognizable natural icons in Australia is a must visit attraction.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 10 Yulara

Estimated Travel Period: 36 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:33 kms

Find Anangu rock art in the caves of
Uluru or take a walk into the Walpa Gorge in Kata Tjuta before the sun sets over the western domes.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 11 Yuluru to Erldunda

Estimated Travel Period: about 3 hours 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:246 kms

Before heading for South Australia, make a pit stop in Erldunda. Stay the night and enjoy some home-style cooking before taking the long trip to Coober Pedy.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 12 Erldunda to Coober Pedy

Estimated Travel Period: about 5 hours 10 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:488 kms

Although it is a small town, Coober Pedy is known as the Opal Capital of The World for the large quantity of precious opals that can be found in its mines.

Day 13 Coober Peddy

Estimated Travel Period: 3 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:260 m

Take an underground tour in the Umoona Opal Mine & Museum or see the unique Catacomb Church cut out of sandstone.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 14 Coober Pedy to Glendambo

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours 35 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:254 kms

A great roadside stop before Port Augusta. Have a delicious home-cooked meal and stay at the caravan park before continuing your trip.

Recommended Caravan Parks

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