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The Great Lakes and Rivers Tour (Adelaide to Sydney) (Part II)

Estimated Travel Period: 17 Days, about 16 hours 20 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 1,420 kms

Best Time To Travel

Enjoy the great outdoors in mid Spring (October to November), Summer (December to February) and early Autumn (March to April). Just remember to bring hats, sunglasses and sunscreen so you can fully enjoy your adventure. Know what else you need to bring with What To Pack For Your Australian Self-Drive Holiday.

Have some water fun as you seek out the lovely rivers, lakes and parks of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. 
Your self-drive holiday planning is a breeze with MyDriveHoliday. All the key attractions to see and activities to do have already been listed into the itinerary, and you also get a list of caravan parks to stay in along the way. Still worried you can't find a motorhome for your road trip? Adelaide Campervan Hire has great vehicles from top Australian brands.
Starting in New South Wales and ending in South Australia? You can follow the tour in reverse. We have awesome deals for you in Campervan Hire Sydney.

Day 6 Mildura

Estimated Travel Period: 6 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:3.9 kms

Try the specialty beers after observing the brewing process at Mildura Brewery.

Day 7 Mildura to Balranald

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 50 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:162 kms

Camp along the banks of the great Murrumbidgee River at the Yanga National Park, where you can also take a tour of Yanga Woolshed.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 8 Balnarald

Estimated Travel Period: about 4 hours 55 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:156 kms

Head for the amazing Mungo National Park and enjoy the scenic Grassland Nature Trail.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 9 Balnarald to Hay

Estimated Travel Period: about 1 hour 30 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:132 kms

Look for the cast iron Witcombe Fountain in the main street of Hay.

Recommended Caravan Parks

Day 10 Hay

Estimated Travel Period: 3 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:1.3 kms

Follow the walking track along the northern side of Murrumbidgee River or learn about the town's history at the Hay Gaol Museum.

Recommended Caravan Parks

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