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Magnetic Island

Townsville, Queensland 4819

Discover a paradise that's only a 20-minute ride from Townsville – the Magnetic Island. Named by Captain Cook in 1770, when he observed a magnetic force that interferred his compass. Some thorough research proved the allegation wrong, but the name remained for this isolated piece of land. Magnetic Island is but an island getaway for the ones who want to lose grip of reality, and enter a whole new world of white sandy beaches, romantic getaways, amazing sunsets, and happy hours. Accomodations range from budget-friendly prices, to luxurious packages where you can explore, discover and relax. Wherever you are in Magnetic Island, there's always something to do, coupled with the dramatic coastline to savor the holidays.

Sunbus Fares:
$0.90 - $3.50 Single
$3.40 - $7.00 Adult
$1.80 - $3.60 Child

*Price may change without prior notice

Phone: 07 41286607 / (+61) 7-41286607 (International)

Contact Magnetic Island for reservations and other enquiries.

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