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Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Smithfield Caravonica, Queensland 4878

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is a gift bestowed by the Tjapukai people to anyone visiting Cairns. Guests will have an opportunity to fathom Aboriginal music, dance, and storytelling, as well as take part in several activities such as didgeridoo playing, face painting, and boomerang throwing. The park was deisgned and built in a bewitching rainforest setting to commemorate the Indigenous people of Cairns, so you are sure to experience a threshold of something authentic and historical. Tjapukai by day is an animation of didgeridoo playing, spear throwing, fire making, storytelling, and Aboriginal houses. By night, however, commences to the magical adventures of Australia's legends.

Magic Space museum have displays of certain artifacts used by the Tjapukai people 40,000 years ago. Giant holograms are staged at the Creation Theatre, where actors retell the spiritual and traditional beliefs of their preceders. While the History Theatre plays a 20-minute video that recounts the history of the Aboriginal people hundreds of years ago.

Self-Drive Tour:
$138.00 Adult
$ 70.50 Child
$353.50 Family

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*Price may change without prior notice

Phone: +61 07 4042 9900

Fax: +61 07 4042 9990

Contact Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park for reservations and other enquiries. You may also book using the park's online reservation form.

Operating Hours

  • Operating hours vary depending on selected tour (day or night).

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