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Tiwi Islands

Marrara Darwin, Northern Territory 0812

Experience a different take on life at the Tiwi Islands found 80 kilometres north side of Darwin. The modern-day Aboriginal people have dense rainforest, sandy beaches, and rock pools to wander around. But now that commercial flights are available, two different worlds are intertwined. Travelers to Tiwi Islands will be greeted by the warmth of the tiwi people, as well as acquaint themselves to the lifestyle and culture of these Aboriginal settlers. The "we people" are surprisingly artistic and creative, and much of their untapped talent can be seen on galleries, carvings, and burial poles. The island is home to the famous Tiwi Island Football League Grand Final so be sure to visit during dry season (May to November). Fly Tiwi works wonders for your trip.

Note: A permit is required for travellers to visit Tiwi Islands so the easiest way is to register for a licensed tour or a fishing charter.

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