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The Best Time To Visit Sydney

The Best Time To Visit Sydney - MyDriveHoliday

Bondi Beach

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With over 300 days of pure sunshine, can there ever be a bad day to be in Sydney?

Sydney Climate

Like most cities in Australia, Sydney has warm summers and cool winters. There is rainfall throughout the year, so visitors are advised to always bring a rain jacket and find awnings for their campervans. First-time visitor? Be sure to read Sydney Road Rules.

Maximum and Minimum Average Temperatures In Sydney (Celsius)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 26 26 25 22 19 17 16 18 20 22 24 25
Min 19 19 18 15 11 9 8 9 11 14 16 17
Rain 101 118 130 126 121 130 99 81 69 77 84 78

RAIN – Rainfall in mm

Maximum and Minimum Average Temperatures In Sydney (Fahrenheit)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 78 78 77 72 66 62 61 64 68 72 75 77
Min 66 66 64 59 52 48 46 48 52 57 61 62
Rain 3.97 4.65 5.12 4.96 4.76 5.12 3.9 3.19 2.72 3.03 3.3 3.07

RAIN– Rainfall in inches

School Holidays In Sydney

Summer holidays start in mid-December. Students also get two weeks off between terms, in mid-April, late June and mid-September. You can read more on special holidays in Australian Public Holidays.

So When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Weather-wise, you can visit any time of the year and be guaranteed at least one or two sunny days. Summer (December to February) is definitely high-season for tourists while Winter (June to August) brings in the low season. You can expect tons of visitors all year, so you'll need to make early reservations on your campground stay. We have a list of Caravan Parks In Sydney

Still haven't decided when to come over? Here is a guide to the seasons in Sydney.


The hottest days in Sydney are during December and January, when the beaches are filled to the brim. It can get very humid during these months and the sun can do a lot of damage, so make sure you have your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. The high season also means that most campervans and caravan parks are already booked out, so make your reservations as early as possible. To avoid the summer crowd, try visiting in February.


The great thing about Autumn in Sydney is that the days are still warm, and the evenings are also much cooler. Also, there are not too many tourists around so you can experience a more laid-back vacation. Just watch out for rainfall, as Autumn is the wettest season of the city. March offers some great days at the beach, and expect rainfall during April and May. Make sure to bring a rain jacket and some warm clothing for the cool Autumn nights.


There will still be a lot of rainfall in June, which gradually lessens as Winter progresses. Visitors who want to avoid the heat will love being in Sydney in July and August, when the days are cooler but still warm enough to enjoy an outdoor adventure. You'll need to have a rain jacket and warm clothes for the evenings, and pre-booking your campervans and flights are still a must.


Spring is the best time for camping, since there is barely any rainfall and the weather is mild and pleasant all day. September and October has cool evenings while November gives way to several outdoor activities and festivals like Sculpture By The Sea. The heat can get intense, so don't forget your hat, sunglasses and of course, sunscreen.

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