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Freedom Camping Tips for New Zealand Campervan Renters

Freedom Camping Tips for New Zealand Campervan Renters - MyDriveHoliday

Camping at Taputaputa Bay, New Zealand

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New Zealand may have some great holiday parks and excellent campgrounds, but more and more people are choosing to go freedom camping on their self-drive holidays. Freedom camping allows you to park just about anywhere and is legal in New Zealand. It is the cheapest alternative to regular camping, since you don't have to pay for your stay. It is also a thrilling way to explore remote spots in New Zealand. 

Here are a few things you need to know before you go out and try free camping.

  • There is limited or no access to toilets, waste disposal and drinking water.

  • Freedom campers get a bad reputation since there are some who create litter problems and do not dispose of their grey water and waste products properly. If you plan to go free camping, make sure not to leave any trace of your stay.

  • Watch out for signs that restrict from free camping. Local by-laws are now stricter due to the increasing number of litter that some people may leave behind.

Freedom camping can be pleasant and enjoyable with the following tips:

  • If possible, rent a self-contained campervan so you don't have to worry about looking for a shower and toilet while camping. If you do get a basic camper, you can choose to camp near a public toilet block for easy access to the facilities. Start finding the right campervan for you by visiting in Campervan Hire New Zealand or by using the Instant Quote Calculator on the right.

  • Bring plenty of water. Campervans have water and waste water tanks so fill them up as often as possible.

  • Park your campervan properly so it is away from traffic and a respectful distance from other campers.

  • Campervans come with a small kitchen or include a portable stove, which are always easier to use and more environment friendly than making a fire.

  • Do not dump your waste in rivers and streams. Get a list of dump points around New Zealand so you can dispose of your grey water properly.

  • Keep your campervan locked at night

  • Leave no trace. Try to take all your litter with you and dispose of them properly. Respect the environment by leaving the camping spot exactly how you found it.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know what you think. Make sure to share these tips with your friends who want to go camping!

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