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Driving Tips For New Zealand

Driving Tips For New Zealand - MyDriveHoliday

"Kiwi Crossing"

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Bring your driver's license

Make sure your license is current and take it with you at all times when driving. Also, if your license is not in English format, you will need to provide an official translation or get an international driving permit.

Always stay on the left side of the road

In New Zealand, vehicles drive on the left side. If you have to give way, do so on the right side.

Don't forget to put on your seat belt

All passengers must have a seat belt on while driving. Also, infants and children below 7 would require a baby or booster seat

Know the speed limit

On an open road, the speed limit is 100km/h (60mph) while in urban areas, it is 50km/h (30mph). Take note that distances are indicated in kilometres and not in miles.

Mind the road condition

2WD campervans and motorhomes can only be driven on sealed roads. Also, if you are traveling during winter, be careful of snow-covered roads. Snow chains can be requested from most campervan rental companies.


Don't drive if you're tired; take a break every 2 hours, especially if you are driving long distances.

Don't drink and drive

We can't stress it often enough. Driving under the influence is a crime, and offenders are subject to severe penalties.

Be aware of the vehicle size

Campervans are generally taller, wider and longer than regular sedans. Take extra care when approaching establishments with low fronts, turning into corners and reversing out of parking areas.

Map out your itinerary

Get a map and create a route that avoids narrow roads. Give yourself enough time to travel and enjoy the sights as well. We have suggested itineraries and distance charts to help you.

Get travel insurance

Because it's better to be safe than sorry.

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