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The Path Seeker

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It’s amazing that so many extras can fit into one vehicle, but with this campervan, travelling in New Zealand couldn't offer more comfort or freedom. Generously designed for two people, this spacious vehicle features pressurized hot and cold water with shower and toilet. Cooking is made easy with a gas stove, microwave and fridge. Crockery, cutlery, linen, towels and more are all cleverly packed away on board. At the end a day the dining area converts into a comfortable double bed, your clothes can hang in the wardrobe and you’ll wake up in refreshed for a new adventure. The radio/CD Player makes for enjoyable driving and when you’re ready for a break, just pull over in one of New Zealand’s scenic spots and enjoy some more of a magical adventure holiday.

  • x 2

  • Ford Transit No Vehicle Age Guaranteed*

  • 2.4L Turbo

  • Manual


2 Persons

Toilet & Shower
Located in cubicle with shower. Flush toilet waste goes into cassette holding tank that is accessed from exterior compartment door. Toilet is full of chemicals on pick-up of vehicle, with a small complimentary supply. Toilet cassette holding tank must be flushed out and empty on drop-off.
Air Conditioning

Driver's Cab only


In driver's cabin when vehicle is running. Living area a portable heater 240v and 12v gas heater

Child Seats

Baby seats cannot travel in these vehicles due to front passenger airbags

Water Tank

Capacity is 100 litre. It is recommended to fill this tank daily.

Waste Water Tank

Holding tank for grey waste water generated from the shower and kitchen sink. Disposable at all camp grounds and dump sites. Holds 82 litres grey water, and should be empty on drop-off.


Hot & Cold Water

Hot and cold pressurized water in shower cubicle.Water heater works on gas and is operated by a switch. Water will be heated after approximately 15 minutes.

Internal Access

(Exterior Access: Back doors with step)

Fire Extinguisher


Seat Belts
2 on
2x Driver's Cab

Fridge/Freezer: The fridge operates on 12V battery whilst driving and on 240V mains when plugged in at a camp ground. The fridge will automatically switch over between the two supplies. Fridge capacity 90 litre.
Gas Cooker: 2 ring cooker with griller ignited by match.
Gas Bottle: 4.5kg bottle. Bottle has an 'ON/OFF' tap on it. Please ensure it is in 'OFF' position when not in use and when driving.
Microwave: The microwave operates from 240V only so the vehicle must be plugged into mains power to operate.
Bathroom Facilities: Hot and cold pressurized water in shower cubicle.


AM/FM Radio/CD Player and auxiliary (MP3/iPod) input.
DVD Player


Ample cupboard space, storage under seats at rear of vehicle.

Sleeping Configuration

Extra large 2.0m x 1.7m (or 2.0m x 0.65m/1.8m x 0.8m).

Transmission :

6 Speed
Power Steering
Power Assisted Brakes



Fuel Capacity:

80 Liters

Fuel Consumption (approx)

14 L/100KM
This may vary due to the use of air-conditioning, temperature and terrain.

Dual Battery
Power Supply:

240 V, 1 x 12V house battery and solar power.

Exterior Length


Exterior Width


Exterior Height


Interior Height


Additional Info

Tyres: Tyre pressure should be checked regularly. The recommended pressure is 55 psi.
Spare Tyre: The spare tyre is located under rear of the vehicle. External access only.
Tools: The tool kit is located under the drivers seat.

Equipment Provided: Crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots, frypan, grater, chopping board,colander, potato peeler, salad/serving bowls, storage containers, toaster, kettle, teapot, coffee plunger, bucket, brush and shovel, teatowels, heater, electric jug, cloths pegs and line, fire extinguisher, toilet chemicals, maps and camping ground guide book.

Linen & Bedding Provided: Bed Sheets, 2x Pillow, 2x Pillow Case, 2x Bath Towel, 1x Duvet, 1x Blanket

Certified Self Contained

Please Note:
lllustrations and text in any of the brochures or website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by Freedom or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

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Lots of old water damages It rained into the camper Mold ...



“Lots of old water damages It rained into the camper Mold in driver cabin One of the stove plates was broken We got the wrong camper. We got the Budget Seeker instead of Path Seeker. ”

see mail dated April 22, 2016 ...



“see mail dated April 22, 2016”

Vehicle I had (approx. 15 year old Ford Transit) has seen ...



“Vehicle I had (approx. 15 year old Ford Transit) has seen already quite a lot and condition is an average. Everything worked very well without any problems. ”

The camper seats in the back smelt very old and musty and ...



“The camper seats in the back smelt very old and musty and linen given didn't seem like they were washed again smelt very bad. Driving the vehicle itself was very good and smooth!”

Passenger door difficult to open Rear door lock had ...



“Passenger door difficult to open Rear door lock had protruding metal which cut me while opening Rear passenger side door not shut properly because catch got stuck in the wrong position Aircon did not work at all for whole trip - drove with window down Microwave plate did not turn Table not stable when fixed in place (top bolt difficult to tighten) Gas stove ignition not work Service light came on after travelling less than 100km”

Very old vehicle (370000km). Some defect parts, like ...



“Very old vehicle (370000km). Some defect parts, like cooking gas burner. Have seen other Freedom Camper on road and always old vehicules. Great layout, but next time with another company.”

The vehicle was good, handled well on all roads. ...



“The vehicle was good, handled well on all roads.”

The camper rented to me should be retired. It is worn out ...



“The camper rented to me should be retired. It is worn out and should be removed from your fleet if you want repeat customers. ”

The vehicle was a little older but we stii had a lot of fun ...



“The vehicle was a little older but we stii had a lot of fun got to a lot of places bigger campers could not go ”

Hi, I shared the feedback directly on mail to info @ ...



“Hi, I shared the feedback directly on mail to info @ tuibrands co nz Overall we were very satisfied with the Camper Van, it was always starting and driving reliably - and we had a great vacation in it. We put down some notes about smaller and bigger issues with the van for your information. We realize that it is an old van, so not everything can be perfect. The list is too long for this feedback, please collect it from tuibrands if needed”

Vehicle and Service Rating ...



“We were very disappointed with the campervan provided by Freedom Campers. Although well equipped, the interior fittings were extremely shabby and grubby and not up to standard, even for an older vehicle. Booking through Camper Travel was efficient and unproblematic but we wouldn't hire a vehicle provided by Freedom Campers again nor would recommend them. The enjoyable experience of touring NZ was marred by the poor quality of the vehicle we were driving and living in. ”

Vehicle and Service Rating ...



“The campervan was a bit old, but I guess that's what you get if you are on a budget holiday. Overall it was value for money as we did not have any major problems, it got us where we needed to go and we had an amazing holiday, thank you very much! Regards Raluca Fry”

Vehicle and Service Rating ...



“Few minor issues with the van (a/c didn't work; back doors didn't close properly; driver's side screen wash stopped working) but a few items like that are to be expected with a 14 year old vehicle and they didn't detract from the whole experience. Apart from these the ban was exactly as advertised. ”

Vehicle and Service Rating ...



“The car went very well. Our trip in NZ was wounderfulone .But we forgot in Auckland Camper No.ZQ8227 one jeans jacket and two glasses.please send it, we pay. Thanks”

Vehicle and Service Rating ...



“The vehicle was old and some items were showing signs of wear and tear. The fridge door opened when travelling if filled with food, bottles etc. other than this, the whole experience was very enjoyable. ”

A bargain way to see a beautiful country ...



“The van was clean and comfortable; everyone we dealt with (in the country!) was so friendly and helpful. Our only problem was we didn't have enough time!!”


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