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The Frontier

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Be totally self sufficient in the Frontier which gives you a kitchen, bathroom, living space plus huge windows so you can soak up the view while moving on to your next adventure.

  • x 6

  • Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen No Vehicle Age Guaranteed*

  • 2.2L Turbo Diesel

  • Automatic


4 Persons

Toilet & Shower
Flushed toilet waste goes into cassette waste tank that is accessible from exterior compartment. Cassette waste tank must be empty and rinsed out prior to drop-off.

All campsites provide a waste disposal unit for emptying your toilet waste into.
Air Conditioning

Driver's cab air-conditioning operates only when the engine is running.


Driver's cab heating operates only when the engine is running. The rear cab heating operates on 240V when plugged in at campground or Diesel (cannot be requested).

Child Seats

All children aged seven years must travel in an approved child restraint.

This vehicle has positioning for a total of 2 child restraints.

Child seats (approximate age birth – 3 years) and Booster seats (approximate age 4 + years) can be fitted to the forward facing dinette seats in the vehicle.

Child/Booster Seats have to be pre-booked, otherwise cannot be guaranteed. Please advise age and weight of child on booking.

Child and Booster seat info 2019-20

Water Tank

Capacity 82-140 litres. The filler cap is on the passenger side of vehicle and marked “water” and the filler hose is in the wardrobe. It is recommended to fill this tank daily.

Waste Water Tank

Holding tank for grey waste water generated from the shower and the kitchen sink. Disposable at camping grounds and dump sites. Holds 82-150 litres.


Hot & Cold Water


Fly screen

Internal Access
Fire Extinguisher

Supplied (to be purchased if opened)

Seat Belts
6 on
(2x Driver's cab and 4x Living area)

Fridge/Freezer: 130-140L. The fridge operates on 12V battery whilst driving and switches to 240V mains when plugged in at a campground. The fridge will automatically switch over between the two supplies. Fridge performance may be affected by extreme temperatures.
Gas Bottle: A 1x 9kg bottle is supplied full on vehicle collection. The gas bottle is located in the exterior compartment on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Bottle has an ‘ON/OFF’ tap on it. Please ensure it is in ‘OFF’ position when not in use and when driving.
Microwave: Operates only when connected to 240V mains power at a campground.
Gas Cooker: 4 Burner plus grill

Kitchen equipment
Cutlery & cooking utensils, Plates, Bowls, Cups, Wine glasses, Drinking glasses, Bottle/can opener, Mixing bowls, Colander, Saucepans & frying pan, Chopping board, Electric jug, Gas kettle, Electric toaster, Microwave storage containers, Tea towel.

General equipment
Dustpan and brush, Fire extinguisher, Bucket & hose, Matches, Clothesline & pegs, Clothes hangers, Biodegradable toilet chemicals (in vehicles with toilets), First Aid Kit (in vehicle – paid for when used), Disposable gloves, Dishwashing liquid sachet, Dishcloth & scourer, Dish brush, Bin, Bin liner (degradable), Toilet roll (in vehicles with toilets).


Radio, bluetooth, USB, DVD player with flat screen, CD player, GPS, WiFi capability


Ample cupboard space, storage under seats at rear of vehicle.

Sleeping Configuration

Double (Over Cab): 1.96m x 1.53m
Double (Front Dinette): 1.84m x 1.15m
Double (Rear): 2.10m x 1.40m

Transmission :

Power Steering



Fuel Capacity:

75 Liters

Fuel Consumption (approx)

13 L/100KM
Average 13 litres per 100 km. This may vary subject to the use of air-conditioning, temperature and terrain.

Power Supply:

240V mains and 12V battery. The 240V mains power operates when the exterior power cable is plugged in at a campground. There are two 12V batteries, one for starting the engine, and the other for domestic 12V system. This system operates the water pump and fridge. Batteries are recharged by engine alternator.

Exterior Length


Exterior Width


Exterior Height


Interior Height


Additional Info

Linen and Bedding (per person): Pillow, Pillowcase, Duvet (doona), Sheet, Towel, Bathmat and Blanket per person.
Bicycle:Maximum of 2 can be fitted
Reversing Camera
Personal Safe

Certified Self Contained

Please Note: We cannot guarantee ages on specific vehicles.
These pictures and specifications are indicative of the vehicle that will be supplied under your booking. Actual vehicles may vary according to year of manufacture and availability but your vehicle will be suitable for the required number of people and have similar specifications to those on this website. Specific specifications cannot be requested. All measurements are approximate, not guaranteed and specifications may change at any time without any prior notice.

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Good condition ...



“Good condition”

Cleanliness was fine, but there were several things about ...



“Cleanliness was fine, but there were several things about the design which were very poor. We only had four adults and rented a camper that was able to sleep 6 - but the table was such that four adults could not sit at it. Not lots of easily accessible storage and shelves with no guard for things to fall off are really not much use. No TV reception anywhere - so people shouldn't expect it. Depot manager was so very accommodating. ”

We were offered a 6 berth Mighty instead of a Britz for a ...



“We were offered a 6 berth Mighty instead of a Britz for a cheaper price.well maintained, looked brand new. Brand new appliances. we only used 2 beds as the one at the back was massive. small pots, cant cook pasta. No gladwrap or kitchen paper and very little dishwashing detergent. not easy to drive - watch out for the grey water valve which sticks out and can get caught! We did this, fortunately had paid to reduce liability to nil, came in to the depot and they fixed it within the hour. ”

there was a problem with the airconditioning , so we had to ...



“there was a problem with the airconditioning , so we had to take it to be fixed. We were told it would be at least two hours and that it needed a service. We left , gave our mobile number and they were to call us.After 2 1/2 hours and no call we went back to the workshop, and it was locked up , our van was also locked.We searched everywhere for the keys.I then called your office and they were able to get a hold of someone who told them were they had left the keys. ”

Awesome camper!! ...



“Awesome camper!!”

The van was great . We booked a Britz Frontier and received ...



“The van was great . We booked a Britz Frontier and received a Maui. The van was powerful, economical, smooth and easy to handle. I would have liked A/C for the rear of the cabin as it got very hot in the back. The diesel heater was great for the cold nights. We had plenty of linen and blankets. The bed were very comfortable . I give the van a 9/10. ”

It was not a Brits rv we got a Maui rv. ...



“It was not a Brits rv we got a Maui rv.”

Actually we were upgraded to Maui instead of the Frontier. ...



“Actually we were upgraded to Maui instead of the Frontier. Depot was fine but gave little to no instruction on how the any of the interior features worked. We kind of had to discover everything ourselves. One recommendation for these vehicles is they need more hooks or surfaces to secure your stuff while you are driving. ”

Vehicle preomfored great Would have been better in a ...



“Vehicle preomfored great Would have been better in a manual as the auto uses a lot of fuel”

Okay ...




The vehicle was everything we needed and worked well for ...



“The vehicle was everything we needed and worked well for three people, however when on the road it was very noisy a lot of rattles. ”

6 Berth camper ...



“The depot in Christchurch is not good. The staff were helpful but few. The 6 berth camper had only three beds. We'd have ordered differently if we'd known this.”

campervan experience ...



“the experience was great and the value for money was superb. ”

Good experience...BUT ...



“It's illegal (or at least immoral), to retain deposit as "non-refundable' to change a booking! TV wouldn't tune in to anything! Water inlet hose way too short!.”


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