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Tips For Driving In Canada

Tips For Driving In Canada - MyDriveHoliday

"Driving in Jasper National Park"

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Stay on the right side of the road

Canadians drive on the right hand side of the road

Put your seat belt on

Remember that all passengers must have a seat belt on while the vehicle is in motion. This includes infants and children.

Get child seats for the little ones

The general law in Canada is that all children below 4 ft 9 in (about 150 cm) must use a baby or booster seat.

Mind the speed limit

Road signs indicating the speed limit are in the metric system, not the imperial system. The speed limit in rural areas is usually 50 kph, while the speed limit in urban areas is usually 100 kph.

Watch out for animals crossing

It's not unusual to find road signs that warn about deer, elk and sometimes even moose crossing. These animals can cause large accidents, so proceed with caution.

Size matters

Although RVs have automatic transmission and power steering, remember that they are still bigger than a regular car. Take extra care when turning corners and backing up out of parking areas.

Bring your license

The actual driver's license is required when renting an RV and driving around Canada. Also, bring an official translation of your license if it is not in English format.

Take your mobile phone with you

Just don't use it while driving! Having a mobile phone will make it easy to contact authorities or assistance in case of accidents or breakdowns.

Plan your route

And while you're at it, check for RV parks and rest stops along the way. Try to rest every two hours of driving to avoid fatigue.

Enjoy the scenery

Canada boasts of its gorgeous landscape and beautiful national parks, so this last tip shouldn't be too hard to follow.

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