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Choosing an RV for your Canada Winter Holiday

Choosing an RV for your Canada Winter Holiday - MyDriveHoliday

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Winter is a great time to go on a motorhome holiday in Canada. Put on a parka and watch the northern lights in Manitoba, or go skiing in British Columbia. An RV adventure can be comfortable and pleasant when you have the right vehicle for your trip. Here are tips on choosing an RV for your winter self-drive holiday.

Select a newer RV

The weather may get harsh, and a newer motorhome will be more reliable on the road and while camping. Look for an RV that is not older than 5 years old, since newer vehicles have less mileage clocked in and have more reliable systems. 

Check if all Systems are Working

Ask for some time to do a thorough inspection of all systems, especially the furnace and the generator. You need a furnace thats function well so you won't feel the winter chill. A generator will come in handy when you need to stay in unpowered sites. A faulty furnace or a frozen generator will keep you from having a fun camping experience, so make sure both are working properly before taking the RV out of the rental depot.

Ask for a Winterized Vehicle

Winterization is required to prevent water pipes and tanks from freezing. Motorhome rental companies make sure that their vehicles are already winterized for winter rentals. Read more on Winterization Made Simple.

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