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The Yukon Tour via Whitehorse (Part II)

Estimated Travel Period: 10 Days, 21 hours 45 mins
Estimated Travel Distance: 1,528 kms

Best Time To Travel

All businesses are open from the start of Summer to early Autumn (June to September), and the days are also much warmer in the usually chilly Yukon. However, you'll still need to pack plenty of warm clothes for the cool evenings. Know what to bring with the Canadian Camping Checklist.

Go on an adventure around the Yukon Territory, exploring the cheerful communities and lovely villages surrounding Whitehorse.
The recommended RV parks have great amenities to choose from, so you have an option to stay in powered or non-powered sites. Still haven't found a motorhome for your trip? MyDriveHoliday has the best RVs for hire in Whitehorse.

Day 6 Keno Hill

Estimated Travel Period: 22 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:12.7 kms

Visit the Keno Mining Museum for an insight on the lives of silver miners before going on one of the many hiking trails that will take you around the historic mine sites.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 7 Keno Hill to Faro

Estimated Travel Period: about 6 hours 50 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:449 kms

See Fannin Sheep at the Mt. Mye Sheep Centre.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 8 Faro

Estimated Travel Period: about 2 hours 25 minutes
Estimated Travel Distance:77 kms

Follow the Van Gorder Falls Trail to an awesome view of the falls. 

Travel Tip

If you have a few days to spare, try the Dena Cho Trail in Faro. This route was once used by the Kaska people to hike up to Mount Mye and is one of the best ways to see Ross River and other amazing sights. Just be advised that the trail is about 67kms and would take about 3 or 4 days to complete.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 9 Faro to Whitehorse

Estimated Travel Period: about 4 hours 55 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:348 kms

Take a tour of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve before stopping by for a long relaxing soak in the natural mineral waters of Takhini Hot Springs. If you're travelling between August to October, get a chance to see the northern lights dance from the Hotsprings Valley Retreat.

Recommended Campgrounds

Day 10 Whitehorse

Estimated Travel Period: about 35 mins
Estimated Travel Distance:30 kms

Try one (or maybe all) of the unique ales at Yukon Brewing. See a former steam powered giant of the Yukon River at the SS Klondike National Historic Site.

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