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Hotel de Glace

9530 Rue de la Faune Quebec City, Quebec G1G 4G4

Hotel de Glace is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Quebec City. The ice structure known as "Ice Hotel" is operated early in January, and closes late in March when everything starts to melt. Day tours will allow you to see the exquisite carvings and bearings of the hotel – the ice cafe, fireplaces, hot tubs, saunas, themed rooms, and an elaborate chapel complete with pews and an altar. At night, guests are suggested to immerse in the hot tub to help elevate body temperature, as it gets really chilly in the evening! Themed suites are built with ice sculptures, furnitures, and decorations, and they are changed each year into a completely different design. Hotel de Glace has long been a destination for winter weddings, and has attracted over half a million visitors since it first opened in 2001. An ideal time to visit this winter wonderland is during the first and second week of January, when all of the hype and activities such as dog-sled races, ice skating competitions, and night parties are taking place. Late March is when everything goes back to normal, as Hotel de Glace melts into a distant cool memory.

$17.50 Adults
$15.50 Seniors / Students
$ 8.75 Children
$43.75 Family
Children 5 and under are free.

*Price may change without prior notice

Phone: Toll free: 1-877-505-0423 / Tel: (418) 623-2888

Fax: (418) 623-2833

Contact Hotel de Glace / Ice Hotel for reservations and other enquiries.

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