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Lougheed House

707 13 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0K8

Lougheed House was built in 1891 and originally known as "Beaulieu" which means "beautiful place" in French. Lougheed House is now a National Historic site and operated by Lougheed House Conservation Society. Sir James Alexander Lougheed, a rich businessman and politician of his time, put up the mansion for his wife and kids, unaware that his house would one day become one of Calgary's most sought-after multipurpose venue. Today, thousands flock to visit the Lougheed House, whether it's for a historic tour, conference, a party, or for a wedding – the hundred year-old house just seem too irresistible and charming! Further, The Restaurant cooks up delicious culinary experties while Treasures Gift Shop is something where you'll find a souvenir to take home. With its superb elegance and unique historical status, Lougheed House is a perfect venue for private or corporate functions.

Events, receptions and membership rates available. Contact Lougheed House for other price details.

Phone: (403) 244-6333

Fax: (403) 244-6354

Contact Lougheed House for reservations and other enquiries.

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