24/7 Motorhome Booking Hotline
Adults   2 Persons
Children   3
Toilet & Shower Combination shower with fresh water flush toilet
Air Conditioning In Dash Air Conditioning / 110v Roof Air Conditioner
Heating 12v Furnace(LP Gas)
Child Seats Can be fitted with child/booster seats but not available for rental, to be supplied by customer. Alternatively, customers can buy inexpensive baby/child seats in Walmart.
Water Tank Fresh Water Tank: 140L (37 gallons)
Waste Water Tank Grey Water Tank: 132L 35 gallons)
Black Water Tank: 114L (30 gallons)
Hot & Cold Water Water Heater Tank: 22L (6 gallons)
Internal Access N/A
Fire Extinguisher
Seat Belts   5 on Driver's Cab: 2
Main Cab: 3

*Chair behind Driver's Cab will only be facing sideways.
Kitchen Refrigerator / Freezer Compartment(Runs on LP Gas & Electricity)
3 LP Gas Cooktop Burners
110-Volt Microwave Oven
14 Gallons / 53L LP Gas Tank
Entertainment AM/FM Stereo Sound System with CD player
Ipod connections on some models only. Can be requested but not guaranteed.
Storage   Collapsible luggage is recommended, Remaining luggage can be stored at most rental centers at your own risk.

Exterior Storage Dimensions:
Passenger side: 9.7 cu. ft. / 0.27 cu. meters
Sleeping Configuration   Cab Over: 57in x 96in (1.45m x 2.44m); average clearance: approximately 28.5in
Dinette: 38in x 70in (0.97m x 1.78m)
Rear: 54in x 80in (1.37m x 2.03m)
Transmission   Cruise Control
Power Steering
Engine / Fuel   Gasoline
Fuel Capacity   208 Liters
Fuel Consumption (approx)   12 MPG
10-12 miles per gallon(approximate only)
Driving style and conditions will effect consumption, average consumption between 7 and 13 miles per gallon.
Dual Battery N/A
Power Supply   Light is powered by the auxiliary battery system. There is a power cord supplied with the vehicle, when plugged into an external power point at a camp site it will power the aircon, microwave and 110 volt outlets. There is also a gasoline powered generator for use when other power is not available. The fridge, stove, oven, furnace and water heater are LP Gas powered.
Vehicle Weight   10,530 lbs
Exterior Length   7.6m
Exterior Width   2.54m
Exterior Height   3.72m
Dimension Info   Length(To Nearest Foot): 25'
Width(Mirrors Retracted): 8' 4"
Height (Clearance): 12'
Interior Height   2.007m

Additional Info

Power Brakes (ABS System)
Rear Dual Tires
Solar Panels
No Awning
Snow Chains - not allowed

Personal Kits includes Pillow, Pillow case, Sleeping bag/heavy blanket, sheet, bath towel, wash cloth, dish towel.

Provisioning Kit includes Cookware, cooking spoon, spatula, Tea Kettle, Broom, Small Flashlight, Soup spoons, dinner forks, steak knives, coffee cups, colander, cooking fork, mixing bowl, plastic pail, can opener, soup bowls, teaspoons, dinner knives, tumblers, dinner plates, paring knife, carving knife.

Camping Chairs are subject to availability. If not available directions on where to buy inexpensive chairs will be provided at the depot.

Pets: allowed and no additional charges as long as client cleans up after their pet or a cleaning charge of $250.

Child Seat Installation Info

Note: Floor plans and specifications are intended as a guide. Each year new vehicles are being purchased by operators from different manufacturers and we cannot guarantee exact specifications and layouts for the vehicle chosen when booked. All measurements are approximates only.


78 Reviews

Cancellation policy not commercial

From: [email protected]
“We had to postpone our trip due to medical issue of one of the travellers and we lost everything, even the extras. We will prefer more flexible companies”


From: [email protected]
“Overall excellent. But on pick up day it took almost 4 hours between our arrival at the depot and us departing with the camper. Way to long!”

San Francisco to Orlando

From: [email protected]
“We had an amazing journey across USA sn thorougly enjoyed the RV experience. ”


From: [email protected]

Verry noisy

From: [email protected]
“RV was just ok...”

Old junk

From: [email protected]
“The camper was 5 years old and showed the thousands of miles use. we had a good time but only because we didnt want to let an old camper ruin our trip.”


From: [email protected]
“I will give my review in an email since the space here was limited.”

San Fran to Vegas via Yosemite & Death Valley

From: [email protected]
“Had a great experience, will definitely look at doing this again if we get the chance. Should let customers know that the depots are quite far from the cities”

USA Holiday

From: [email protected]
“Very efficient booking and pick up. no pressure to upgrade or to increase insurance or add ons. Excellent overall service - well done! ”

Great trip

From: [email protected]
“As always the Rv was a great way to see Grand Teton and Yellowstone.”

mediocre vehicle, poor customer service

From: [email protected]
“Vehicle is very basic. Several things didn't work properly. A/C did not work at all. Poor road assistance. Still in contact with customer service over refund. ”


From: [email protected]
“Very expensive. Everything broke. .Generator broke more than 3 times. Air conditioner , only worked a few times. Refrigerator did not work, all our food rotted.”

RV was a lot of fun

From: [email protected]
“Great way to travel. RV was easy to drive and worked well for us. It wasn't overly clean when we got it”

burning man

From: [email protected]
“Definitely recommendable to use cruise america”

Hugely expensive worn out RV

From: [email protected]
“Paid >$300/day for RV from Cruise America/Camper Travel. Given RV with 139,000 miles and gruesome fridge/cooker, no alternatives, and 20% refund not enough! ”

Portland to Seattle

From: [email protected]
“Portland excellent. Friendly & helpful. But should warn about 5 cars law. We were stopped by police . Service in Seattle adequate. ”


From: [email protected]
“We had not à new model. Rather old hut Nice.”

Good raod trip

From: [email protected]
“Bad cleanliness”

Our RV Tour

From: [email protected]
“compared to other RVs we've see during our travel our RV was old and so good equiped”

Great vehicle and a fantastic trip

From: [email protected]
“Quite expensive abd the company wouldn't honor the half price mileage quoted on the website. A fantastic motor home though and a great holiday experience”

reallyfantasitc !!!

From: [email protected]
“We really enjoy the RV, nice team !!! we will do it again !”

Great RV

From: [email protected]
“Had a great time in the RV, was spotless when we got it, great staff in both depots. Would definitely rent again. ”

Seattle to Chicago

From: [email protected]
“Our first RV experience and it was wonderful. The RV was perfect for the places we went, neither too large to fit nor to small for us and our gear.”

Great experience

From: [email protected]
“We loved traveling around the Midwest with the RV! The vehicle was very comfortable and quite clean. It was our first time and we recommend it to everyone!”

Fully recommended

From: [email protected]
“Perfect! If you're thinking of seeing America, this is the best way to do it! ”

Great people! Great camper

From: [email protected]
“amazing trip, thank you camper travel and cruise america, everything was so simple. Theres o option for next trip, take a camper for sure! ”

véhicle very used (more than 110000 miles!)

From: [email protected]
“vehicle not maintened (huge chip on the windshield, box outside luggage broken, etc.)No explanation on how to use the vehicle (instructions in english only)”

C25 standard RV

From: [email protected]
“very good experience. Good value service.”

rental rv c25

From: [email protected]
“very good, and good quick service, thx, will do it again”


From: [email protected]
“depot service was just no, for any question or expanation”

3 weeks of fun!

From: [email protected]
“The rv we got was an older one, maybe on her last trip before moving to the used market. What I missed was remote central looking and an outside temp function.”

Very big and noisy

From: [email protected]
“The rented RV had 100,000Miles on it. The previous wear and tear had left clear marks on the vehicle. When driving everything was ratteling and very noicy.”

Tampa Trip March 2014

From: Richard H.
“Excellant service both on drop off and fast collection. Will certainly use again..”


From: [email protected]

RV Holiday

From: Heidi P.
“Had a good time seeing American East Coast”

First RV Experience in USA

From: mew h.
“Being an RV first timer,the compact size was easy to drive,&yet the interior was equipped with everything & spacious!We definitely loved our first USA road trip”


From: Eric C.
“We had a very nice trip in California with our RV.”


From: Marinka S.
“Nice contact with MyDrive. Cruise America is good company with perfect RV's, but check your RV cause they are quite "easy", which is good, but has risks.”

Great Fun!

From: darian S.
“We rented a 25 ft RV and went wandering around parts of Colorado and it was great. The Rv was comfortable and very easy to drive and manoeuvre.”

Western USA 2013

From: Sheri L.
“The 25' camper perfect for family of 4 (2x kids @8 & 12).Bedding was comfortable/versatile. There are 2 chargers that recharge your appliances quickly.”

Mrs J Ellis

From: Jeanette E.
“The Rv has performed well and we have had no problems with the RV. thank tyou”

The interiour was in a bad constitution

From: Armin B.
“It was dirty, many things were damaged and the kitchen equipment was incomplete”

Poor service and company

From: Luke P.
“Everything about this rental was unprofessional on the company side.”


From: Deni B.
“Water container and pump were leaking from the start. Engine broke down after 4 days. Half our holiday we spent waiting because of problems with the RV...”

Cruise America feedback

From: diane b.
“Well used vehicle! Number of problems .CA customer service was poor. Calls equal190 mins impact full day lost. Local agent fair. Will not use CA again. ”

Sebastian Fehmer

From: Oliver Z.
“BM caused costs, long waiting times (-> value, depot service), although very helpful & friendly personell. Rattling roof windows. Overall good experience.”


From: Guilherme B.
“The RV was really dirty. The curtains, sofas, the mattresses, the cabinets were very dirty and I spent more than 5 hours cleaning.”

Bad quality of RV's components

From: Shu-chuan L.
“The quality of RV's components is bad! After just used, it's broken.”

rv c25

From: Claudio F.
“We've had a great experience..”

Not so good

From: Giorgio D.
“old rv...”

Great vacation

From: Sevan E.
“We booked a bit late and therefore had to pay substantially more than normal, but the RV itself was great”

Not again

From: Daniel S.
“Despite EBDS, no one picked us up. No one answered our calls. RV was filthy (used plaster lying around, hotplates greasy). Lost a day due to a broken valve.”

Excellent, highly recommended, will use again

From: Shiona H.
“Whole Cruise America experience was very good from EBDS to the depot service and the comfortable and clean vehicle. Only complaint was the non working fridge.”

Good vehicle

From: Albert G.
“Company more focused towards making business than to deliver good service to the customer”

Very good service. Highly reccomended

From: Efthymios D.
“Would definitely book again. Very satisfied ”

Overall excellent experience

From: ian d.
“Did 4000 miles in 3 weeks visited 13 states Vehicle ran flawlessly Problem with 110v AC your people talked us thru when contacted Depot staff very helpful”


From: C J.
“Camper was brand new (5800 miles). Inside cleaning was 'ok so we needed to do a bit of cleaning after receival.”

The rental company was great at communication and

From: Tracey W.
“Thought the trip was great, rental company good but overall value, not so good. It's seems we were charged for everything.”

Aging RV for still quite a lot of money

From: Axel D.
“Mileage of F350 engine is disastrous. Inside equipment in rather poor shape. Expensive compared to hotel/car combination.”

we had a safe drive. The RV was too loud

From: Frank S.
“We would like to ask you to refund the complementary transfer to the airport as promissed in the confirmation. Cruise America did not grant us this.”

not very positive

From: lauro b.
“Personnel at the depot not friendly and bad attitude. Vehicle noisy and of poor overall quality. Tricky way of filling tanks (gas should be 1/2, propane 3/4)”

Everything was great aside from the drop-off depot

From: Friederike K.
“Completely satisfied, aside from the fact that we were charged over $80 for returning the RV 2 hr late by the Portland depot. We'd definitely do it again!”

Extremely satisfied

From: Hendrik L.
“We have rented this C25 RV for 3 weeks. We met very kind people at the LA Cruise America Office. We drove about 3000 miles through Southwest America.”

A lot to improve

From: Carlos R.
“We've rented the van nr 252669 it was all super dirty.oldest tipe of Ford vans.Unlined direction wich made the driven a lot mor dificult. ”


From: Walter R.
“Overall very good- drain in hand basin dirty, telephone response very good, RV repair place in Flagstaff slow and we should not have wasted our time their ”

Good experience

From: alberto a.
“We had a really good moment, we'll do this again soon and almost sure it will be with you. San Francisco Depto far from the airport, I propose a shuttle.”


From: Rosana N.
“My family and I had a great time as our first experience in an RV... I`ll surely recommend it to our friends and family... ”

Slightly Tired?

From: David T.
“Had 3 weeks in this RV - which was not the latest model and had done 150k miles. We did 1800 bumpy miles and got 10 mpg. Would like more comfort & economy.”

good vehicle

From: Juerg L.
“Hello, the vehicle length was perfect for us - enough space but not too lengthy for drving in ctities etc. The mobile was cleaned ok, but could have been more.”

The best

From: Rodrigo A.
“Best holidays in mi life”

RV comments

From: David A.
“see email”

Great way to holiday

From: richard W.
“Our first RV holiday and it was a fantastic experience. The people at CruiseAmerica in Phoenix were great, getting us set and out on the road with minimal fuss”

It was ok I am

From: Andrew S.
“Am still waiting for my security deposit return”

Touring the Southwest

From: Denis C.
“Hello, very good experience, however fuel tank was almost empty when we left the depot, we could barely make it to Echo Bay, only 60 miles away from Henderson. ”

Good RV, very confortable for three adult.

From: Marc R.
“only 2 hours heating autonomy. Non suffisant.”

Awesome trip we had with this RV.Thanx

From: Pol O.
“Awesome trip we had with this RV.Thanx”

USA RV Chevey Chase style Road Trip.

From: C F.
“From the time we booked to when we sadly returned the RV everyone was extremely helpful. Highly recommend the experience.”

Company Director

From: Kevin W.
“Great way to see the US”
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